respect, recognise, listen, live with

The 3/4 community at St Therese Catholic Primary School in Torquay, Victoria goes Out and About 

to act on climate change.


We want to challenge you to join us in

our Out and About commitment.


Our hope is to get every school in Victoria

going Out and About.



How might going Out and About begin to address these questions?


What is Out and About? 

Out and About is our action towards hopeful climate change. We know there is a lack of connection between humans and the environment. We go Out and About to build deep relationships with local places, trees, bushes, animals, insects, and waterways. Part of this is understanding the Aboriginal Worldviews and the stories and histories of place. These relationships inform how we make decisions that consider the environment and all whom we share the planet with. 


In the 3/4 learning community, we have been going Out and About since we were in prep and have visited Deep Creek and Fishermans Beach. Every fortnight, we walk with the local place and spend time with the environment including listening with Tree and Bees, thinking with Creek and Ocean, and wondering with the movements of Tides, Wind, and Sun. We know we have deep relationships with environment and these relationships influence how we act. 


Make a Promise to go Out and About





St Therese Catholic Primary School is located in Torquay, Victoria. Children and teachers across the school have been going Out and About since 2015.

Out and About is a project done in collaboration with Dr Jeanne Marie Iorio, The University of Melbourne ( and Dr Catherine Hamm, La Trobe University ( The project is part of Common Worlds, an international research collective (


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