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some questions to consider

Did you know there is a lack of relationship between humans and the planet and this disconnection contributes to the current state of our environment?

Did you know that if we shift our energy system away from fossil fuels that make greenhouse gases towards good energy, we could maybe stop climate change? 

Did you know that climate change impacts bees and if bees die, humans will only have 4 years to live?

How might going Out and About begin to address these questions?


What is Out and About? 

Out and About is our action towards hopeful climate change. We know there is a lack of connection between humans and the environment. We go Out and About to build deep relationships with local places, trees, bushes, animals, insects, and waterways. Part of this is understanding the Aboriginal Worldviews and the stories and histories of place. These relationships inform how we make decisions that consider the environment and all whom we share the planet with. 



How can you be part of Out and About?

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Out and About is a project done in collaboration with Associate Professor Jeanne Marie Iorio, The University of Melbourne ( and Dr Catherine Hamm, The University of Melbourne (
This website was created in collaboration with the 3/4 Community at St Therese Catholic Primary School.

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